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The Infinix Mobile Vlog Awards is a creative venture powered by the Infinix ZERO Series. Our goal is to elevate visual storytelling using cutting-edge tech, specifically for young talents in global universities. We're all about pushing the boundaries of mobile photography and lens expertise. Our mission is to create a global stage where mobile photography enthusiasts can connect and share. We're inviting young creators everywhere to use their mobile devices to capture real-life stories and turn them into captivating vlogs.
2023 Sep 1
2023 Dec 1
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Winners Announcement
Grand Prize Winner MVA creation fund of USD 6,000 One Infinix ZERO 30 An electric certificate Exposure on partner’s
platform worth
USD 100,000
*1 winner in total
Best-in-Category Winners MVA creation fund of USD 3,000 One Infinix ZERO 30 An electric certificate *1 winner from each category
3 winners in total
Honourable Mentions One Infinix ZERO 30 An electric certificate *5 winners in total
Mark Gill OSCAR and BAFTA nominated writer/director
Mark Gill is a prolific writer and director known for his compelling storytelling and impactful cinematic creations. With a diverse body
of work, Gill has left an indelible mark on the film industry through his thought-provoking narratives and artistic vision.
Having begun his career as an animator, Gill's transition into directing was marked by his debut short film, "Full Time" (2002), which garnered critical acclaim for its exploration of the complexities of human relationships. He gained further recognition with "The Voorman Problem" (2011), a short film that earned an Academy Award nomination and solidified his reputation for crafting intellectually stimulating narratives.
Lake Hu Vice General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer
at Infinix Mobility
Lake Hu is the Vice General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer at Infinix Mobility. With a remarkable 14-year international journey spanning e-commerce, marketing, and startups in live streaming, fintech, and Web 3.0, he shines in data-driven strategies, process enhancement, and business innovation. Originally from Gansu,
Lake Hu earned his bachelor's degree from China Foreign Affairs University.
He's previously played pivotal roles at Lazada and Xiaomi, pioneering business teams from the ground up and driving global expansion.
At Infinix, he currently spearheads e-commerce and brand marketing, pivotal to the company's strategic advancement.
Alvaro Colom Artist/Film Director/Videographer
Alvaro Colom is a prominent fashion film director recognised for his innovative approach to visual storytelling within the realm of fashion. Colom's visionary direction has graced the pages of Vogue, where his transformative touch turned fashion editorials into immersive visual experiences. His collaboration with Zara resulted in captivating fashion films that transcended mere advertisement, resonating with audiences on a deeper level.
David A. Ross Art museum professional /the Chair of the MFA:Art Practice at the SVA
David A. Ross has a 50-year career as an art museum professional and educator. He is currently the Chair of the MFA: Art Practice at the School of Visual Art in New York City. In 1972 Ross was appointed as the world’s first Curator of Video Art at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York. His subsequent museum career included senior curatorial positions at the Long Beach Museum of Art, and the Berkeley At Museum; and directorships at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. He has served as juror and curator at a broad range of international shows and exhibitions including the Venice Biennale, Carnegie International, and Documenta. Ross has organized dozens of exhibitions including a number of pioneering efforts to highlight artist’s use of photography, video, and related digital technologies.
Mark Gill OSCAR and BAFTA nominated writer/director
Lake Hu Vice General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer at Infinix Mobility
Alvaro Colom Artist/Film Director/ Videographer
David A. Ross Art museum professional / the Chair of the MFA:Art Practice at the SVA.
What I Loved
Celebrate the Simple Pleasures of Life: Where your interests, loved ones, pets, cityscapes, and delicious meals blend seamlessly to create moments of pure bliss.
Spotlight Moment
Capture Moments Forever: Whether it's cherished gatherings, cultural highlights, or fascinating world events, use your phone to freeze time and make your mark in every scene.
Discovering Distant Lands: Picture this – grand mountains, tranquil lakes, sweeping grasslands, and changing dunes. Add in the timeless magic of sunrises, sunsets, and the playful interplay of rain, snow, and sun. Use your camera to seize the essence of your voyage and the emotions it carries.
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    Who can participate?
    Entries are open to all users worldwide with full civil capacity, who are at least 18 years old, or reach the legal age in their region. Entries must be original works. Videos that have been published or posted in other photography competitions or public media for profit, or videos that have won awards in other competitions are not eligible.
    How can I participate?
    Submissions are to be made on the official Infinix Mobile Vlog Awards website ( To submit your work on the Infinix Mobile Vlog Awards website, you are required to log in with your Infinix ID and authorize us to use your Infinix ID to uniquely identify you so that you can upload, view, and manage your submissions. We will collect your Infinix ID, user name, and profile picture.
    We will provide you with services based on the country/region where your Infinix ID is used. By logging in to the Infinix Mobile Vlog Awards website,
    you agree to the user agreement and privacy statement of the Infinix Mobile Vlog Awards website.
    When is the submission deadline?
    Entries should be submitted by Dec 1, 2023 at 24:00 GMT, Beijing time (UTC +8). After the final submission deadline, you will not be able to upload, change or delete your entries to ensure fairness in the competition.
    Do all submissions have to be created with the Infinix phone?
    Entries for the Infinix Mobile Vlog Awards must be taken with a mobile phone, but there is no limit on using the Infinix phone. The creation time is unlimited, and there are no restrictions on the mobile phone brand or model used.
    What are the rules and restrictions regarding the submission of files?
    Entry submission is free of charge. Participants are required to upload their entries and select suitable categories for each submission. Entrants must ensure that their works align with the chosen category. The entries should consist of original videos accompanied by complete EXIF data. In the event of any dispute over intellectual property rights, including copyright issues, and if the original videos cannot be provided, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify the entry. Submissions must have a minimum resolution of 1080x720 pixels and should not exceed a file size of 1GB per video. A title and a caption, each limited to 100 characters, are also required to be included.
    Is there a limit on the number of videos I can submit?
    The maximum number of entries per participant is 15, and each user can only submit five entries at most per category. The entrants are allowed to submit the same video to different categories, but each submission will be counted as one entry.
    What should I do if I can't upload my videos?
    If you are having issues with your upload, please email the organizer at
    How do I know which category my work belongs to?
    Please read the description of each category carefully before submitting, and then submit your work to one category as you see fit.
    Why has an uploaded work not been approved?
    The submissions of the entries must strictly adhere to the theme and should not contain elements of violence, pornography, racial discrimination, or any form of societal, religious, or cultural denigration. All photos must adhere to legal regulations, maintain public order, and uphold moral standards. Entries that violate these stipulations will not be showcased or evaluated.
    What additional information do I need to provide with my videos?
    For purposes of entrant identification and entry verification services, we will gather your personal information in accordance with the competition's privacy statement and applicable laws. During submission, you only need to provide details about your registered account (username, country/region, email address, or phone number) and a title within 100 characters for each entry. These details are used for timely communication and prize distribution. Post-competition, winners' registration information will be verified. Failure to contact you due to incomplete or inaccurate personal information impacting prize issuance will result in automatic forfeiture of your winning rights, with no prize issuance by the organizer.
    How will the organizer notify any winning participants of their prizes?
    We will make phone calls or send emails to the winners. We will also simultaneously publish the list of winners on our official website for the convenience of all the participants. The list of winners will be officially announced from Dec 20, 2023 to Dec 22, 2023, Beijing time (UTC+8). Please refer to the official website for more details.
    Do I retain the copyright of any submitted work?
    Participants retain authorship rights and copyright of their work. Participants confirm entries are original creations. Plagiarism leads to disqualification. Participants acknowledge has full capacity and the lawful right on their submissions and any relevant documents implementation for the project. Participants shall keep Infinix, its representatives, and any third parties acting under its authority, harmless from any claims, liabilities, or demands that may arise from the use of the submissions, including but not limited to any claims for defamation, invasion of privacy, or infringement of any personal or property rights.
    Can the organizer use my submitted entry?
    Participants hereby grant Infinix, its representatives, and any third parties acting under its authority, the non-exclusive, sub-licensable, transferable, worldwide, perpetual, charge-free, and loyalty-free right to use its submissions. Participants understand and agree that its submissions may undergo Infinix’s modifications as deemed necessary for display purposes or future commercial promotions.
    Participants agree that their submissions may be released on Infinix’s designated platform, including but not limited to its official social media channels and website. Infinix shall not take any responsibility for any third party’s reposting, reusing, or reporting of the submissions.
    *All rights reserved by Infinix